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We are a fast growing IT solutions and consulting company based in Nagaland, India. We have worked with various clients to deliver strategic goals with the right experience and provide technology based solutions & consultancy services covering a wide range of domain. You can rely on us for your IT needs. Some of our most notable works are here.

Northfield, Kohima

Website Development.
Developed Ticketing Tool for Support.

de Oriental Grand

Implementation of IT Infrastructure.
Deployed Server Management.
Developed Ticketing Support.
Website Development.

Dept. of Health & Family

Development of survey database.
Digitization of NHP survey data.


Plan, Design and Implement NBSE MIS
IT Infrastructure
Data Migration & Digitization.

DIT&C, Govt. of Nagaland

Develop & Maintenance of State Portal.

Beat Devices

Developed & Maintenance of Website.

Hotel Grandeur

Webiste Development.

Faith Harvest

Webiste Development.

Asia Harvest Alliance

Webiste Development

Symphony Academy of Music Kohima

Webiste Development

Nagaland Baptist Church Council

Webiste Development

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